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Industrial Tools

OEM & Custom Mechanical Components

From small to large manufacturers, our clients trust us to custom solve their problems.

We are Precision Industrial & Mechanical Solutions.

Our solutions are customized to you, whether you're a large or small manufacturer.

Building on decades of experience, Precision Industrial and Mechanical Solutions was founded in 2023 as a company dedicated to meetings our clients needs quickly. From the smallest to some of the industry's largest manufacturers, our clients depend on us to provide high-quality solutions. We stock OEM parts, providing off the shelf immediate fixes. We also rework metal parts on assembly lines, designing better solutions that greatly improve the efficiency of our clients' production lines.

Glass Bottle Production

Our Clients

We are honored to serve these and many other wonderful clients throughout our region.



What you need, in stock.



Designs that are durable and more productive


Our Vision to Serve You

Providing you with the very best tailored solutions.

"When my business partner Vernon Fielding and I started PIMS in 2023, we had a special vision to provide the very best solutions to our customers. I have spent decades in the manufacturing industry, crafting custom metal components for production lines and finding tailored solutions for my clients. Whether you have a small scale operation or a large production line, we can stock OEM parts to meet your needs rapidly, or re-engineer a component to improve performance and reduce down time. Give us a call and see what we can do for you." - Jayson Griffis, owner/partner

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